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13 de November de 2020by adminov0
San Pedro hosts this weekend a gastronomic meeting dedicated to the prawn of the lagoon

Autumn is a season full of surprises, such as the season of shrimp of the Mar Menor or Panaeus Kerathurus, one of the crustaceans most appreciated by the best palates both regionally and nationally. It is one of the gifts offered by the lagoon, and is the main protagonist of an initiative that takes the momentum this year in San Pedro del Pinatar with the 1st Gastronomic Encounter of the Shrimp of the Mar Menor Live 2018.

Throughout today and during this weekend, the Lo Pagán esplanade, where they put the fair in summer, will be the ideal setting for a meeting at the foot of the sea. The stoves and the best raw material that gives us this unique space will shake hands through the world of hospitality to offer us a delicacy that is enjoyed in autumn. An enclave, also, perfect to enjoy with children, family and friends, and teach the little ones the importance of caring for the sea, and that ecosystem in a difficult balance sometimes, but not impossible.

The fishermen told us that as of this week the number of prawns was lower than in other years. They attribute it to the cleanliness of the waters, there are less nitrates. We speak with a family that has spent years on the sea in Los Nietos and knows perfectly all the fishing arts in the Mar Menor. Zeledonio and his sons told us about the problem they have now with the blue crab, an invasive species that we have in our waters, since they break the nets and leave them in shreds. It is a hard and daily work. Faenan from early morning, always winning the time in the sun and in the morning, so that it reaches the end to houses and restaurants the freshest genre that we can imagine. On behalf of all who worship the sea, serve these words of thanks.

Following an interdisciplinary use of the experiences we experience, approaching San Pedro can serve as a context to talk with our children about the work related to the sea, the characteristics of the crustaceans and the conditions in which they live in this case the prawns of the Mar Menor. A full-fledged biology class with the palate ready to savor this precious delicacy.

Tell them that their natural habitat is the sandy bottom of the sea, and that they have a very characteristic flavor, ideal for being very low in calories and having a lot of vitamin D, minerals and proteins. Easy to prepare, it is suitable as an aperitif or accompanying rice dishes or cauldrons.
In this sector, we not only have the trades of the sea, but also those related to gastronomy, such as those of restoration. What child has not fallen victim to a program like MasterChef Junior? Well, we are lucky because they are going to be protagonists in this gastronomic meeting. Five Michelin stars are those that bring together the three chefs that will meet in these days: Pablo González-Conejero, with two stars; Fran Martínez, with two, and Manuel Alonso, with one star. They are, undoubtedly, those who make crème de la crème in the most spectacular fires of the Region (La Cabaña), Albacete (Maralba) and Valencia (Casa Manolo).

Live music, two tents and mini-gourmet workshops for the little ones of the house are the main attractions of this route. In addition, on Sunday there will be a popular contest in which both adults and children between the ages of 4 and 14 will participate. It will be from ten thirty in the morning until one o’clock, and the participants will bring from home a tapa made with shrimp as one of its ingredients. The winners will receive excellent prizes: for adults there is a dinner for two in a dream restaurant like La Cabaña Buenavista, a spectacular place in every way – if you have the opportunity to go, with or without a prize, it will be a real whimsy for the palate-, and, for children, the prize is a kitchen kit and a special pack.

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